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What Our Clients Say About Working With Christopher R. Abernathy, APLC

Christopher R. Abernathy is an experienced, high quality attorney, who is knowledgeable and well respected, by both the judges and the other attorneys. This attorney handled my contested divorce and custody case, and did so as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. He didn’t waste my time or money, like my prior attorney did. Christopher R. Abernathy, APLC is a master negotiator, both in the court room and in the hallway. He is savvy, confident and thinks fast on his feet. Christopher R. Abernathy runs a paperless office and scans all your documents, which saves time and money. In the court room he was the only attorney I saw that uses an iPad, ready to pull up any case law that might help support his argument, as well as all of my divorce documents, which helped win the hearings in my favor each time. By contrast, the other attorney was left fumbling and shuffling around through stacks and boxes of papers. Having a competent attorney when you need it the most is something you simply cannot put a price on. Just knowing he was competently handling things for me helped reduce my stress level and let me be able to move on with my life while going through the process. In the end, because of Christopher R. Abernathy, I got SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY of my kids, which is priceless to me! I will be forever grateful that I had this amazing attorney to get me through the nightmare of my divorce. His services were truly worth every penny!” – Colleen D.

“I never imagined I would need the services of a Family Law Divorce Attorney. At one of the most unexpected low points in my life, Christopher R. Abernathy was recommended by a colleague. I was actually scheduled to interview three attorneys, but after talking briefly with Christopher R. Abernathy, I knew right away he was the perfect lawyer for me. Divorce is normally a highly disturbing situation, but Christopher R. Abernathy has a canny ability to separate the emotion from the facts. Although not totally unsympathetic, Christopher R. Abernathy prefers to deal in the particulars and data. Our initial consultation was concise and informative. Christopher R. Abernathy was extremely well-versed on marriage dissolution laws and my legal rights. He immediately put his recommendations into actions and initiated a timeline. Christopher R. Abernathy listened intently, asked detailed questions, followed through impeccably and always had my interests as a priority. He was incredibly assertive with opposing counsel and my ex-husband. While some might claim he appeared aggressive, I can sincerely say I appreciated his no-nonsense demeanor, his ability to coordinate complex issues to my benefit, stay focused and get the job done. Christopher R. Abernathy and I communicated as needed. He readily returned phone calls, emails and text messages. His front office staff was a genuine support and a pleasure to work with. It was a difficult two years, but through it all, Christopher R. Abernathy fought hard for me and won an aggressive settlement on many levels. What is most impressive about the entire scenario is Christopher R. Abernathy was extremely successful while maintaining utmost integrity, honesty, and respect. Without hesitation, Christopher R. Abernathy has my unequivocal recommendation.” – Lori K.

Christopher R. Abernathy has tremendous abilities and works hard to understand your case quickly. His incredible work ethic and knowledge of the law will help you obtain the best possible results.” – Mike Z.

“After I filed for divorce, my ex-wife hired representation from a large, prestigious law firm. Christopher R. Abernathy turned out to be a formidable advocate on my behalf. He zealously defended my interests and his strategies proved effective in protecting me from unreasonable and unfair demands. Christopher R. Abernathy‘s performance in the courtroom was very impressive, and his ability to communicate with the judge instilled confidence.” – Blaine S.

“Going through a divorce can be a difficult process. Selecting an attorney who will protect your best interests is important. Christopher R. Abernathy’s experience and knowledge of the law provide strength and guidance to his clients. The handling of my case showed these strengths and assured me of his formidable and very competent representation. I strongly recommend him as an attorney to handle your case.” – John F.