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Christopher r. Abernathy testimonials

Mr. Abernathy is an experienced, high quality attorney, who is knowledgeable and well respected, by both the judges and the other attorneys. This attorney handled my contested divorce and custody case, and did so as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. He didn't waste my time or money, like my prior attorney did. Mr. Abernathy is a master negotiator, both in the court room and in the hallway. He is savvy, confident and thinks fast on his feet. Mr. Abernathy runs a paperless office and scans all your documents, which saves time and money. In the court room he was the only attorney I saw that uses an iPad, ready to pull up any case law that might help support his argument, as well as all of my divorce documents, which helped win the hearings in my favor each time. By contrast, the other attorney was left fumbling and shuffling around through stacks and boxes of papers. Having a competent attorney when you need it the most is something you simply cannot put a price on. Just knowing he was competently handling things for me helped reduce my stress level and let me be able to move on with my life while going through the process. In the end, because of Mr. Abernathy, I got SOLE LEGAL CUSTODY of my kids, which is priceless to me! I will be forever grateful that I had this amazing attorney to get me through the nightmare of my divorce. His services were truly worth every penny! - Colleen D.

Rebecca M. Perkins testimonials

I had been battling Lymphoma Cancer since 2006. In 2014 I was told that I needed a stem Cell Transplant through the VA. My wife of after nearly 10 years old me that she couldn’t support me through this traumatic experience. I needed a care giver to be there for me, that what’s going to be a yearlong process and if I survived. Inevitable, I filled for a divorce before the procedure. The first attorney was horrible, he was reacting instead of being proactive, the second “law firm” just bled me dry. I found Rebecca through a good referral. After telling her my story, she accepted my case. Throughout the process, Rebecca was completely focused, proactive and compassionate. Being extremely versed with current family law, Rebecca filled my divorce through technicalities and it went through before my procedure, leaving my assets to my children in the even things went south. After about a year, things got settled and my procedure was successful. Rebecca is by far the best Attorney I have ever had the pleasure to meet and reasonable. I would diffidently recommend her services to anyone needing a top nock family Law attorney. Thank you Rebecca Perkins. 3/9/17