Referral Based Law Practice

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It is with great honor and privilege that we receive referrals from judicial officers, other lawyers, court personnel, opposing parties and expert witnesses. Moreover, we are proud to receive many referrals from our current and former clients.

Our practice is almost entirely referral based. We are conscious of the fact that but for our referrals, we would not exist. We believe our referrals are based upon the relationships we forge with our client and the results we achieve.

We only provide advise in our areas of expertise. We don't handle Personal Injury related matters, Business Law related matters, Estate Planning related matters and Bankruptcy related matters and consequently, we are frequently asked to provide referrals. We are also frequently asked to provide referrals to Doctors, Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants and other financial advisers. With that in mind, we only refer to those of the highest caliber and reputation in their respective field.